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Data analyst & visualization designer working with R, Python, Tableau, d3.js & SAP BW.

1. Point of sales analytics (2016)

Extracts from a series of dashboard visualizations analyzing POS data from a North American B2C retailer.
Data assembly & cleaning in R; mapping with custom display & parameter calculations in Tableau.

Sales trend by sector

1a. Distribution gap analysis

Margin analysis by sector

1b. Variance vs. expected sales

Annual sales change

1c. Actual sales vs. target

2. Petrol forecourt pricing in Ireland (2016)

Analysis of the relationship between the price of oil (€/barrel) & petrol (€/per litre) from 1985—2016.
Oil price data from Eurostat; historic Irish petrol price data extracted from theaa.ie; visualizations in Tableau.

Oil v. Petrol 1985—2013

2a. Oil vs. Unleaded (1985—2013) r² = 0.96

Oil v. Petrol 2014—2016

2b. Oil vs. Unleaded (2014—2016) r² = 0.88

Oil v. Petrol 1985—2016 (Detail)

2c. Oil vs. Unleaded (1985—2016) Detail

3. Milk constituent analysis (2015)

Extracts from a series of visualizations examining correlations between various milk constituents.
Data assembly, cleaning & analysis in R; visualizations in Tibco Spotfire.

Sales trend by sector

3a. Protein (var1 vs. var2)

Margin analysis by sector

3b. Butterfat (var3 vs. var2)

Annual sales change

3c. Butterfat Ratio (var3 vs. var4)

4. Product portfolio analysis (2015)

Extracts from a series of visualizations analyzing SKU performance across a range of clusters.
Data assembly, cleaning & analysis in R; visualizations in Tableau.

Sales trend by sector

4a. Cluster volume analysis (by SKU)

Margin analysis by sector

4b. Margin analysis (by cluster)

Annual sales change

4c. Sales change (by cluster)

5. OEE — Overall equipment effectiveness analysis (2014)

Extracts from a series of visualizations analyzing OEE by machine at a production facility over 12 months.
Data assembly, cleaning & analysis in R; visualizations in Tableau.

OEE Analysis

5a. Hours (available vs. running)

OEE Analysis

5b. Output (total vs. hourly)

OEE Analysis

5c. OEE by machine (A.M. shift)

6. Probable outcomes in IPL T20 matches (2013—2014)

Model predicting match outcomes with 79% accuracy, given a first innings score & wickets lost.
Data analysis, cleaning, modeling & visualizations in R (ggplot2).

Awarded 'Best Higher Diploma in Computing Dissertation'—DIT School of Computing Zynga Prize (2014)

Overall match performance

6a. Match performance (outcome vs. wickets)

Run making progression

6b. Run making progression (cumulative)

Run distribution

6c. Run distribution (runs/over)

7. Nutritional information comparison (2012)

Comparative analysis of nutrition by food energy source (protein, fat etc.) on a per serving basis vs. rda%.
Nutritional data from food packaging information; visualizations in Nemetschek VectorWorks.

Sales trend by sector

7a. Chicken breast (serving vs. %rda)

Margin analysis by sector

7b. Boiled carrots (serving vs. %rda)

Annual sales change

7c. Wholewheat bread (serving vs. %rda)

8. Vector drawings (2012—2013)

Drawings of control elements, dials, icons & buttons based on various controller photographs.
Vector drawings in Nemetschek VectorWorks; texturing (grain & additional shadow) in Pixelmator.

Control dials

8a. Dials (2013)

Tape deck controls

8b. Tape (2013)

Input pad

8c. Input (2013)

Control dials

8d. Balance (2013)

Tape deck controls

8e. Buttons (2012)

Input pad

8f. Icons (2012)

9. Links (etc.)

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